A Trip To Valkenburg

A 20 minute 3D slapstick adventure movie created with 3D Studio v4 and with the help of two classmates. It retells the tale of our school outing to the pastoral village of Valkenburg. Considering it to be our first steps into 3D modelling and with the limited time and resources (none), it was quite a feat.

June 1998

As a school project, my friend René de Waele and I decided to make a 3D animated movie about our class trip to the idyllic Dutch town of Valkenburg a/d Geul. Being quite new at it, and the deadline was within a few months we decided to keep it low-polygon. The result is a 20 minute long slapstick movie, a series of sketches that are mostly only funny if ‘you have been there’ or know who the jokes are about.


  • Modeled and animated using Kinetix 3D Studio MAX r2.
  • Over 400 hours of rendering time at 320x240 resolution. (Those were the days)
  • Use of copyrighted theme music, which of course remains property of the rightful owners.
  • A shorter but fancier version created for during high school graduation ceremony.
  • Crucial voice talent Daniele Tauriello.

The full movie