A list of thingamajigs I have spent time on, for better or worse, relating to language, programming experiments, websites, apps, writing, drawing, academic pursuits.

CheckerList: A dynamic Deezer playlist

Playlists should be dynamic, created on the spur of the moment, based on a mix of artists, albums and tracks that you choose.

DooCycle: A To Do app ahead of its time

It is not about what you are about To Do, but what you have done and what fun stuff to do next.

A winter of Finnish

A third attempt to gain fluency in the Finnish language (suomen kieli).

GitSum: classroom git visualization

A project to visualize and analyse the git activity of all students in a semester.

A non-linear clock

A proposal for a personal non-linear clock system

Holiday Greetings

At the end of the year, it is time for holiday greetings. These are the cards of my life.

NaNoWriMo 2017: The Toki Ponist on the Mountain

I decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write a 50,000 word novel in the month November. That means just over 1,600 words a day. I will tell the story of a man that uncovers the mysteries of the Ponas, a people speaking their peculiar language Toki Pona.

Mega Multi Pong

Mega Multi Pong (MMP) is multi-device, multi-ball and multi-player with multi-bit audio! MMP is created about 42 years before the original Pong was released in 1972 and MMP is therefore THE answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything.

PerBiblion: Your personal bible

Write your own bible to combine the benefits of storytelling your life and passing on your history and beliefs to your offspring.

Blind Typing Glove: NoReMorse

Typing in the dark without visual feedback. I created my own conductive glove hooked up to an Arduino. A system based on Morse code to enter text with the least amount of accidental errors.

Depressive Cartoons

Comics should be fun, but there is a subculture of artists drawing about the miserable state they are in. In comes my miserable state, out come a few crappy comics.

Digital Dummy

An experiment in creating a module for the LMS system Instructure Canvas. It is a blog-like portfolio for students to show their daily progress in an easy accessible way.

FoCal: Death to To Do lists

For someone with anxiety, the flurry of well-intended productivity tips online is hell. They might work really well for some people, but not for me. To do lists are on the top of my hate list.

Why don't you feel you are sensitive to caffeine?

Caffeine appeared to have a bigger impact on my life than I expected. Follow how I went from 10 cups a day to 0 and the impact on my health, sensitivity and axiety. Do you think you are immune to the effects of caffeine? Maybe you consider yourself an evening person? Why not go into caffeine rehab and see if you are truly not sensitive to coffee.

Redesign of Semester 3 of ICT & Media Design

As newly appointed semester coordinator of the third semester of the Bachelor's programme ICT & Media Design, I led a team to redesign the curriculum to give more room for experimentation and learner agency.

CharCharacter.js: Giving Characters Character Again

Don't let fonts prevent you from putting character in characters. Add some lines with CharCharacter.js.

Mapshape Traveller

Creating routes on a map, trying to fit the route best to a geometrical shape such as circling a church or going around in a pentagram around Rennes-Le-Châteaux. It is a web-based tool using the Google Maps API.

JavaScript Chain Reaction

Creating a chain reaction (Rube Goldberg machine) animation on 20 laptops with JavaScript and a little help from Hydna is an easy and fun exercise to do with students learning JavaScript.

Karass: The Anti-Social Network

Trying to overcome the difficulties of social networks by taking the digital analogy of Kurt Vonneguts idea of Karass as described in his novel Cat's Cradle.

Toddler Logic and Baby Zen

The webcomics Toddler Logic and Baby Zen. All 100% true stories about my two little boys, all drawn on my iPad! Well mostly true, and mostly on my iPad.

A Tall Man's Perks

Practicing drawing with a pen on my iPad and as cathartic relief of struggling with being very tall, a series of cartoons to show the brighter side of tallness.

Our Common Future 2.0: Sustainable Thinking Acting

Our Common Futute 2.0 was a crowdsourced project to create a book with a vision on sustainability for the year 2035, led by Prof. Jan Jonker. I was editor on one of the chapters and created the illustrations for the book.

Rigorous simulations of emitting and non-emitting resonant periodic nano-optical structures (PhD thesis)

In the next decade, several applications of nanotechnology will change our lives. LED lighting is about to replace the common light bulb. This thesis shows optimized designs of LEDs, solar cells and biosensors based on rigorous simulations.

Two-dimensional finite element analysis of surface plasmon effects in perforated metal films (MSc thesis)

With this research I received my MSc degree in Applied Physics. It was conducted at Philips Research Eindhoven under the supervision of Prof. Paul Urbach from Delft University of Applied Sciences. The research was a rigorous investigation on the interaction of multiple plasmon waves in slit geometries.

Variability of the vertical velocity in the tropical stratosphere and troposphere

This report resulted from my work on a three month internship at KNMI, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. My primary target for this project was to find out if there is a daily cycle in the vertical wind of the stratosphere using the ERA-40 data archive, and collect and analyse the data using FORTRAN.

The moisture of wood during the drying process measured using NMR

A three month internship at the Eindhoven University of Applied Sciences, in which I played with an NMR device to follow the drying proces of wood.

The Way I Write: Pudgcom Font

Between doodling, I have been practicing on my own handwriting style. This is an attempt to create a font of my handwriting at the time.

Lumped Parameter Model of the Human Circulation

This is the result of research conducted as a group at the Acedemic Hospital Maastricht during my study of Applied Physics. The aim of this study was to upgrade an existing lumped parameter computer model of the human heart to make it more physiologically correct. By fine tuning the model the model could become a very powerful tool for cardiologists in the future.

Doodles in Physics Notes

Studying physics at the Eindhoven University of Applied Physics is not always that exciting as it may seem to the general public. Sometimes, the lectures and homework could not fascinate me 100%. I spend my time doodling the empty gaps in my notebooks.

Scene Alpha: Lunar Lullaby

Combined effort with a friend of creating a full scene in 3D with multiple shots and with audio. The scene was the teaser to the full movie that was the goal of a collaborative movie project TheProjectV1.


First attempt to blend faces into one in search for absolute beauty, coded from scratch. Main result at the time: all blends lead to Britney Spears lookalikes.

Opening Credits

Opening credits created for my fictional production company Pudgcom Entertainment, trying out 3D Studio MAX.

RoadToNowhere: Trip & Trapped

RoadToNowhere is the start of a sprite-based 2D game written in Pascal and assembler for VGA graphics. It is mouse operated and has self-driving AI for cars driving around the town. There are no game elements in it but the simulation part works and the game is interactive.

Alien Cliché: A Physics Based Shooter

A 2D game I wrote in Pascal using Assembler for the VGA graphics. You shoot missiles that are attracted by the gravity of multiple planets. It can be seen as the forerunner of Angry Birds Space, but without birds and with a background story packed with 90ies nostalgia events.

A Trip To Valkenburg

A 20 minute 3D slapstick adventure movie created with 3D Studio v4 and with the help of two classmates. It retells the tale of our school outing to the pastoral village of Valkenburg. Considering it to be our first steps into 3D modelling and with the limited time and resources (none), it was quite a feat.

The Force of the Grandma

Epic 15 page comic featuring the two anti-heroes Stalin & Pudgee, drawn by a good friend and myself. It is mostly plain wrong, absurd and ridiculous but it was good enough to reach the finals of a Dutch national art contest.

Bikkel's Language Frapantanizer

A simple text replacement tool written in Pascal, showing my passion for language. It changed ordinary words by its weirder sounding (Dutch) synonym. By frapantanizing your documents, you would can turn yourself into that thesaurus loving schmuck we all aspire to be.

The Dark Abyss of Unfinished Content

Webpage as a research article

We all know there can be beauty in webpages and blogs look like blogs. But there is also beauty in research papers and their typical layout and style. So let's create a template to represent your web page as a research paper.

Project LAIKA: Learning AI by Knowledge Activation

We introduce Laika: the first dog in the relatively empty AI space of Fontys. It is a toolbox to let students work with AI from a basic level, to accommodate the self-defined learning goals of students and the technology shift in society.

Catch AI

Experiments in AI, Neuroevolution and Reinforcement Learning to learn to catch and evade a 2D environment.

Automatic Koine Greek Lessons

An experiment in parsing a corpus of Koine Greek texts (well the New Testament), and trying to automatically create DuoLingo-like lessons from this.

Zen and Fitbit

An experiment with practicing daily Zen meditation and linking to information with my Fitbit.

Balancing game

A balancing game where the world consists of potential traps and a single hill in the middle, the ball goes round in circles but in order to overcome the hill and move towards the center it has to get a balanced thrust of energy by the player.

Pacifist Chess

Chess is such a brutal game. Can't we think of a coop version where we form a black and white melting pot community in a Taoist formation without taking any pieces.

Autograder on generated assignments

Can we create an autograder system for PHP using PHPunit while combining it with automatically generated programming assignments with a given complexity or topic.

Giving sound to atoms and molecules

Turn the electron orbits of atoms into sounds as a sampler. Build even more complex systems by forming molecules or letting multiples atoms bump as a gas or solid. Inspired by Brian Eno's Music for Airports.

I Hate Myself Club

An anonymous group for people with a secret hate for themselves. The challenge is to create a group for feeling support and learning self-compassion without the pitfalls of social networks such as comparing yourself to others and fishing for likes.

Hello Talent Visualizations

Mining a database of the talent profiles of 200 teachers in the School of ICT to create visualizations to give a better overview of the data.

Buddha says ‘Aaah!’

Can we measure the amount of ‘zen’ by analysing online how we say ‘aaaaaaaah’ as is often done by zen masters with their students.

Living Toki Pona

Living Toki Pona is Facebook community that is a tribute to writing in a constructed language with a constructed writing style to reach a state of calmness. It is about exploring the mind leaving biases behind, reinventing proverbs, beauty and sharing.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer

I created Sitelen Sitelen Renderer because I am fascinated by combining the artifical minimal language Toki Pona with the non-linear writing style 'Sitelen Sitelen' by Jonathan Gabel. Unlike other work with Sitelen Sitelen I want the writings to be generated by the computer. I set out to create SVG-only sitelen sitelen that can be exported and reused.

Personality Visualizer

If we map personalities (for instance on the scales of the Jungian personality types), can we visualize the interaction between personalities in a physics simulation.

Bluetooth Sensing

Can we detect if BlueTooth is turned on and sending data. Do I really feel it in my head or is it just my imagination?

Runestone Writer

Inspired by the Viking rune stone inscriptions found in Sweden I created this web-based SVG rune stone generator. In particular it puts text (runes) on a fractal ribbon. It should eventuallt also automatically add graphic story elements to get the full runestone feeling but it has not yet reached that stage.

Starting a minor in Applied Data Science

As member of the Centre of Expertise in Big Data at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, we set up a minor in Applied Data Science. As coordinator of the semester I tried to give direction to how it turned out.

Puzzle Square

Puzzle Square is a children's game written in pure JavaScript for tablet devices to practice with touch drag and drop. It is inspired by the Israeli board game Ma BaMishbetzet in which you fill a matrix based on for instance the shape (columns) and color (rows) with picture cards.