A Tall Man's Perks

Practicing drawing with a pen on my iPad and as cathartic relief of struggling with being very tall, a series of cartoons to show the brighter side of tallness.

November 2012


Everyone has features that are a perfect breeding ground for insecurities or low self-image. Many artists have taken their special feature as inspiration for cartoons. For instace Tall & Curly about a (relatively) tall girl with huge curly hair, or Busty Girl Comics about girls with huge boobies. In my case, my tallness puts me in plenty of awkward positions, sometimes literally. So I decided to do a series of cartoons on the topic.

I have collected the cartoons also in the Flurry Flakes Facebook group.

The cartoons

Flickr album


While it was fun to do, freestyle drawing on an iPad remains frustrating to do, I just can't get the same feel as with pencil on paper and the results aren't great. I'm still struggling with being tall so I should probably keep adding more cartoons to it for it to stay cathartic.