Doodles in Physics Notes

Studying physics at the Eindhoven University of Applied Physics is not always that exciting as it may seem to the general public. Sometimes, the lectures and homework could not fascinate me 100%. I spend my time doodling the empty gaps in my notebooks.

February 2001

I've never considered myself to be a very talented artist, but I would be much worse if my classes in high school and university had not been so boring. When I found my old university physics notes interspersed with doodles I decided to take pictures of most of them and store them in the (public) cloud.

You can clearly see my belated puberty acting up. My doodling mind was mainly preoccupied with a wide range of sci-fi, or occult sceneries combined with studies of the female body (I had no girlfriend at the time), silly doodles of ducks, teddy bears, and floppy bunnies.

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