The Way I Write: Pudgcom Font

Between doodling, I have been practicing on my own handwriting style. This is an attempt to create a font of my handwriting at the time.

November 2002

My handwriting has always been awful. Taking fast notes lead to disaster; writing in exams must have been a treat for my teachers. Luckily, boredom has come to my rescue. Between doodling, I found time to practice slow writing. Immediately patterns started to emerge in my handwriting that I have since then worked on. There are a few features important:

  • excessive curliness and continuity within a character
  • abusing the resemblance to Greek letters such as the small delta for a d and the nu for v
  • very long horizontal lines for the top of the l and the tails of the g

When I tried to make a font I had to take away those features, there is a project later on about creating the horizontal lines in a font. However, I still managed to capture the soul of my handwriting in this font. It is a lousy Bitmap font, so it scales horribly, there is not a single thought about kerning and the character thickness goes all over the place. However, this is how I made it in 2002, without any knowledge about fonts. Try it out by downloading it. Or check out the sample text below.

Sample text

Dear reader!

So, I suppose this is how I wrote when I was about 20 years old. Do you like what you see? I am afraid it is even more extravagant now.

Dutch words I liked to practice on were: vliegtuig and waterschade.

Yours forever,
Olaf Janssen