NaNoWriMo 2017: The Toki Ponist on the Mountain

I decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write a 50,000 word novel in the month November. That means just over 1,600 words a day. I will tell the story of a man that uncovers the mysteries of the Ponas, a people speaking their peculiar language Toki Pona.

November 2017

On November 1, 2017 I saw a link to NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. The site is a platform that organizes the Month each year in November. The goal is simple: write a novel of at least 50,000 words to succeed. You can keep track of your daily word count on the site, but you have to enter it yourself. At the end, you submit your entire manuscript for an official word count.

I had several ideas for books. I have started with two of them. One is non-fiction, about writing your own personal bible, see project PerBiblion. The other one is the one I am writing this month. I made several notes in the last few months about possible angles and perspectives for writing this book and because of that I made it very complex to the point that it was almost impossible to start writing. So I decided to do the following: I am writing a novel, with more or less the theme of the book I was preparing. And at the end I can see if it was what I had intended or if I can maybe rework it in a larger work or maybe it suffices to write a sequal.

My main concern is to keep up the work, because writing 1,600 words a day is not easy for me. If I want to write well, I choose my words carefully. Otherwise, the text will be chaotic, not quite unlike the content of most project descriptions on this site. However, if I choose to accept my writing style and just stop complaining, I might complete this work at the end of the month. Follow the progress of the project here at NaNoWriMo: The Toki Ponist on the Mountain.

November 2017

At the end of the month, I am a NaNoWriMo 2017 winner:


Day Words
1 1,452
2 3,909
3 5,102
4 6,961
5 9,401
6 10,172
7 12,141
8 14,041
9 15,313
10 15,581
11 18,111
12 19,982
13 21,138
14 24,032
15 25,242
16 26,527
17 26,991
18 28,500
19 31,689
20 33,373
21 34,903
22 36,691
23 36,691
24 37,726
25 41,799
26 43,487
27 45,437
28 46,450
29 48,376
30 50,558

Status updates

  • December 4 - Removed all spelling and grammar mistakes found by Grammarly.