Depressive Cartoons

Comics should be fun, but there is a subculture of artists drawing about the miserable state they are in. In comes my miserable state, out come a few crappy comics.

December 2016

After being diagnosed with something like a burnout in October 2016, I entered the world of therapy. Now the fun thing about modern psychology seems to be that you can be diagnosed more or less by answering a long list of set questions. Basically a self-test of misery. So after coming in with stress related complaints, I walked out with a list of disorders. There is, apparantly, no anxiety hidden away enough to not cling to my soul.

As usual, the internet has a spot for people that feel crappy. In fact, some web comic artists are getting quite the fame with their drawings about the shitty way they feel, for instance Shitty Watercolor or Sarah's Scribbles. To get it out of my system I sat down one afternoon and drew a whole bunch of them at once. It helped. They look awful. They are the truth. Check them out below.

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Lesson learned?

I've stopped drawing them after that afternoon but it felt better. The thing with these cartoons is that there are only a finite number of jokes you can make and the rest are just varieties of more of the same. This will quickly bore me. However, saying or drawing how things feel helps clear the smoke inside.