Two-dimensional finite element analysis of surface plasmon effects in perforated metal films (MSc thesis)

With this research I received my MSc degree in Applied Physics. It was conducted at Philips Research Eindhoven under the supervision of Prof. Paul Urbach from Delft University of Applied Sciences. The research was a rigorous investigation on the interaction of multiple plasmon waves in slit geometries.

January 2006

The Report

I used and bugfixed a 3D FEM model for optical simulations written in FORTAN. Most scripting was done with Matlab. Read the full report.pdf.


Using a finite element model, the characteristics of surface plasmons and enhanced transmission are investigated on 2D metal films with one slit, two slits and more slits. The effects of surface plasmons and waveguide resonances on the transmission are identified. A groove grating is proposed which captures perpendicular incident light and effectively couples it to transmission at a single slit. Its transmission increases when more grooves are added. The results can be of great importance for near-field optical applications.