What's in my DNA?

My name is Olaf Janssen. I want to know how things come about. Situations and events affect me deeply. I am constantly on a journey to be the person I aspire to be. Abstract theories only tingle me when there is some practical, albeit useless, application. I try to adjust to every situation while trying to enjoy every moment. I like order, safe surrounding and I abhor surprises. At the same time I am patient, tolerant and flexible. I don't like to tell people what to do, but have a great sense of duty myself. I will not put myself in the spotlights to impress people, but rather support those who do. I am sensitive, idealistic and loyal.

Experiences teach me continously balancing material and immaterial expectations for the common good. You may catch me on worrying too much, breaking out of my calm shell and show the inner nervous storm. You may notice me avoid conflicts and be frustrated by how others handle matters. I may even hold a grudge with people that don't share my values. I resist sudden illogical changes and my ambition tumbles when I'm pressured. If I feel left out you have lost me forever.

My presence has a soothing effect in solving conflicts. I make time for people and their issues, mainly by listening and letting others reach their goals.

Take the time to know me, give me time to express myself fully. Stay calm and stop strutting your stuff. Ask me explicit questions. Appreciate my suggestions and authority on matters and don't brush them aside. Do not expect an immediate response and don't launch an attack. Do not encourage me to do something I do not want to do.

I am tolerant but have strong moral opinions. I will not defend a position I do not endorse. I may not want to face issues, which causes unfinished businesses. I take feedback personally as criticism, as an insult and as rejection. I am disillusioned if my actions cause a conflict.

I commit myself to facing my fears. I will take risks if doing something is better than doing nothing and act more without thinking. I commit to expressing my ideas and put my feelings into words. I will expect more of others if I am taken advantage of. My initial answer will be no, until I have taken the time for a proper reply. I strive for simplicity.

My surrounding should be understanding, empathethic, without hostility, authority or bureaucracy. Feedback is given in the form of encouragement. Planning, roles and resposibilities are transparant. There is time and space for thinking so that facts form the basis of consice decision making.